Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update on the Preparations for the 2011 Tripartite Elections

  1. Accreditation of monitors will be done at District Level by the District council secretaries. Participating organisations may be required to submit certificate of registration and full names and NRC details of prospective monitors; 
  2. Each organisation will be entitled to deploy one monitor per polling stream or polling station;
  3. CSOs will have to select one credible representative to observe the printing of ballot papers in Durban South Africa;
  4. Counting will be done at polling stream/station level so is pasting of results
  5. Two constituencies renamed. These are Mwinilunga West which has been renamed Ikelengi Constituency and Isoka East which is now Mafinga Constituency following President Banda's move to declare them districts;
  6. official campaign commenced on 29th July, 2011 to 18th September, 2011;
  7. The threshold for a Polling stream is 900 voters. This brings the number of streams in the country to about 9,022 from the previous 9,314;
  8. 17 presidential candidates have shown interest to contest this year's elections;
  9. Nominations results will be communicated immediately the candidates finishes filling in documents;
  10. ECZ has put measures to overcome difficulties in hard-to-reach polling stations. 
Below is the proposed time-table of the remaining activities:

ECZ 2011 presidential, parliamentary and local government election time-table
  • Int. Observers-ECZ HQs                                                 2nd August to 16th Sept 2011
  • Local Monitors-District Councils                                            3rd Aug-16th Sept, 2011
  • Election Result Centre                                                                  10th -19th Sept, 2011 
  • Election agents and polling agents-District councils               8th Aug-16th Sept,2011  
  • Presidential (09-16hrs) Supreme Court                                           7th-12th Aug, 2011
  • briefing of Agents/Observers & Monitors                                             10th Aug, 2011
  • Parliamentary & Local Government (09-16hrs) (constituencies)          12th Aug, 2011
  • Publication of Validly Nominated candidates                        13th Aug-19th Aug, 2011
  • Briefing of elections/polling agents/monitors/observers            17th September , 2011
  • Election Day                                                                                        20th Sept, 2011
Verification of Ballot Papers Accounts forms                              26th Sept-2nd Oct, 2011

For Any Clarification Or Details On The Above, Kindly Get In Touch With Secretariat.

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