FODEP's Contribution

Since inception in 1992, FODEP has made significant contributions to the promotion of democracy and good governance at both national and regional levels. The following are some of our most notable contributions;

- FODEP successfully coordinated the deployment of regional observers to other countries and participated in several regional election observer missions under the umbrella of SADC-ESN, thereby, contributing to enhanced integrity of elections in the region.

- FODEP has also successfully monitored all presidentail, parliamentary, by-election and local government elections since inception in 1992.

- With the support from the Netherlands Institute for Multy-Party Democracy (nIMD), FODEP contributed to strengthening of financial management capacities of political workshops on financial management for party leaders.

- FODEP has also encouraged issue-based campaigns by political parties by organizing political party debates in all provinces. FODEP has also conducted activities on political party capacity building, decentralization policy awareness, HIV/AIDS electoral process and gender policy awareness.

- FODEP has also been able to initiate research, design and implement an effective advocacy strategy on governance issues.

- In its effort towards enhancing the electoral process, FODEP between 2002 and 2004 embarked on an electoral reform advocacy program and subjected the ERTC draft report to provincial discussions, thus contributing to wider participation of citizens in the electoral reform process as evidenced by submission in the ERTC report.

- The organization has managed to conduct civic/voter awareness campaigns during all major elections in Zambia, there-by contributing to increased voter turn out in the recent elections.

- FODEP has managed to mobilze and train several ward councillors in civic responsibilities, thereby enhancing the understanding of their roles in local government

- FODEP has also contributed to increased networking and collaboration of NGOs and other stakeholders. The organization currently Chairs the National Voter Education Committee under the electoral Commission of Zambia. FODEP is also a full member of the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction.