Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Consitution to a Referendum

We are on Radio Phoenix(89.5) this morning discussing The Constitution to a Referendum with Mr Chipenzi -Executive Director FODEP and  Mr Chomba -Ministry of Justice-Governance Department and Presented by Christine Ngwisha.Below is the guiding Scrip.

1.      The current constitution making process has reached a very advanced stage as we speak. We have heard calls and mentions for a referendum. What is a referendum?

2.      What legislature surrounds or supports referenda? How does it relate to the Zambian context?

3.       The PF manifesto position on the constitution making process and referendum is that they will “Establish in consultation with stakeholders a Committee of Experts to review the recommendations of all previous Constitutional Review Commissions in order to draft and present a constitution which will reflect the will and aspirations of the people for submission to a referendum and subsequent enactment only, by the National Assembly” what is your comment?

4.      One of the first CSO meetings discussing the Referendum as a possible means of constitution adoption was held by FODEP in March. At this meeting stakeholders made recommendations to the means of adoption of this constitution. Could you share some of the recommendations from stakeholders? What do we need as a country to hold a successful referendum?

5.      The Minister of Justice was quoted  when he was launched the Political Governance Study commissioned by Diakonia Zambia saying  that “Zambia can only go to a referendum depending on

                                                               i.      The format of the final draft constitution
                                                             ii.      Financial capacity
                                                           iii.      And context of the constitution”. What do we make out of this?
6.         What are you comments on the Referendum Commission? Who should be appointed or in the referendum commission and Why?

7.      There have been critics of the ongoing constitution making process who feel the process is not going anywhere. Should the people of Zambia worry?  is the situation that bad?

8.      FODEP monitored the Referendum in Zimbabwe, can you share some lessons?

9.      What is the role of the people? What can /should we do to contribute to a people driven Constitution?

10.  What does the feature hold for Zambia once the final draft is submitted to a referendum and a final enactment by National Assembly? What does this mean for the PF?
 Tune in and make your comments here or call the radio to participate.

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