Monday, July 28, 2014

MANGANGO BY-Elections Statement by FODEP Exective Director Mr McDonald Chipenzi

Foundation for Democratic Process FODEP House, Omelo Mumba Road, Press statement Foundation For Democratic Process Omemlo Mumba Road Rhodespark, P. O. Box 32387, Lusaka, Zambia Tel-fax: 236281/236275 E-mail: 28/07/2014 FOUNDATION for Democratic Process (FODEP) is disturbed by reports of electoral and political violence and vote-buying ahead of the Mangango by-election scheduled for 19th August, 2014. FODEP is in receipt of unpleasant reports of political confrontation which erupted over the weekend at Pumulo Take Away at the Kaoma Boma-Mongu Road Junction in Kaoma yesterday. After consultations with FODEP monitors and other stakeholders in Kaoma, FODEP has established that some named senior government officials were at the center of the mayhem that happened at Pumulo Take-Away sparked by some named politicians for allegedly replacing GRZ vehicle number plates with private ones, an act which incensed other players. FODEP finds such acts blatant abuse of public resources and facilities and expected that the perpetrators could have been arrested by now by the relevant authorities such as the Zambia Police Force and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). The fact the perpetrators are still scot-free, demands that relevant law enforcers should take keen interest in arresting the situation before it is out of hand. In this vein, FODEP demands the immediate probing of politicians involved in replacing government number plates with private ones. FODEP is also in receipt of reports of vote-buying through the dishing of money to unsuspected electorates and civil servants involvement in the campaigns in Mangango such as District Commissioners. Such acts are sources of electoral provocation, misunderstanding and conflict and those involved should stop with immediate effect. FODEP continue to appeal to all stakeholders in Mangango to desist from engaging themselves in electoral malpractices and further remind all players that Mangango by-election was as a result of nullification due to electoral malpractices, which should be avoided at all cost. FODEP finds it unfortunate that after weeks of a tranquil electoral environment in Mangango, some irresponsible politicians, mostly non-Mangango residents, want to disturb the peace obtaining and create an atmosphere unconducive for the holding of a free and fair electoral process. In this regard, FODEP urges the police and other relevant law enforcement agencies to ensure that peace is preserved in Mangango by applying the law fairly to all players rather than protecting individuals at the expense of public peace, tranquility and harmony. FODEP will continue to monitor and expose any inimical activities to a credible electoral process ahead of the Mangango by-elections and request all persons with information on electoral malpractices to report to FODEP officials in Mangango or indeed contact secretariat in Lusaka. Finally, in pursuant of accountability among elected leaders through the fulfillment of campaign promises, FODEP will be holding a “Race to Manda Hill Public Discussion Forum” in Mangango in the next two weeks aimed at bringing all aspiring candidates to a common platform to communicate their manifestoes and promises to the electorate. McDonald Chipenzi EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ______________________________________________________________________________

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