Tuesday, June 10, 2014


FODEP LAUNCHES INTERACTIVE RADIO PROGRAMS IN MONZE On 8th June 2014 ,In an effort to increase the level of awareness among Zambian voters on the need to hold accountable political parties to fulfill the electoral promises they promise electorates .FODEP has launched a 10 series interactive radio programmes at SKYfm in Monze .In his launching massage Mr. Chipenzi Macdonald called on SKY FM listeners to take interest in the programme by calling in during the radio discussion. The discussants will be drawn from all walks of life to seek clarification and other information that may be of interest. During the same launch 11 callers applauded FODEP for coming up with that initiative of taking stock of promises that were promised by politicians, this does not mean the stock has to be taken on the ruling party only it includes individual politicians from the opposition as well. Another burning issues was the giving Zambians the long awaited republican constitution in 90 days by the PF many callers expressed disappointment over the failure by PF to deliver the constitution to the Zambian people in 90 days. Another caller by the name of Maputo said as for 2016 elections many Zambians will screen candidates as politicians have taken the people of Zambia for granted. Among the callers Derrick a Youth called on his fellow youths to take interest in ensuring that they vote in 2016 FODEP is appealing for the people to listen to the programme which will be aired every Friday at 10.05.

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