Friday, November 29, 2013

FODEP at Work

: FODEP’s vision; “a democratic Zambia where the Government is accountable to its citizens and in which all citizens freely and willingly participate in the social, political and economic affairs of the Country”. FODEP for the next few years has a goal aimed at contributing to the development of systems, procedures and practices of good and democratic governance in Zambia. we have a number of strategies to attain these goals and they include 1. Democratic legal and policy framework: 2. Elections and electoral processes: 3. Inclusive citizen participation: 4. Service delivery and development: 5. Institutional capacity building With the just ended Train the Facilitator training held in Lusaka, Zambia can boost of adding 30 Semi-Accredited facilitators to the pool of qualified facilitators in Democracy, Governance and Elections with support from BRIDGE-SADC and other supporting partners

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