Friday, April 19, 2013

FODEP and the Consitution

FODEP has participated in the on going Constitution Making Process from the first meeting with Stakeholders in 2012 to the just ended National Convention. FODEP is of the view that the Electoral Commission of Zambia must be transformed in to the Referendum Commission. There is no Institution that has more Experience Capacity and Human Resource to conduct elections than the ECZ.
Recently FODEP with support from the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa OSISA held a meeting with Civil Society to lobby for the adoption of the Final Draft Constitution through a referendum and to lobby for the transformation of the ECZ into the Referendum Commission to facilitate the Referendum Process. FODEP analyzed the laws and legislation surrounding  the referendum including Referendum Act of .
FODEP focused on the Strengths and Weakness of the Act and made recommendations for possible considerations. The most pronounced Recommendation was that there was need for the Act to be harmonized with other laws and legislation of the country. The report from this meeting is available at Secretariat upon request.  

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